Hello, and welcome to UPWARD Quest Blog.  Thank you for visiting.  My subject for this one is Live Abundantly Now!

 As a child of God, you deserve the best.  Unfortunately, a lot of people have an inferior concept of themselves, believe themselves unworthy of very much.  Consequently, they do not expect much from the Universe.  If this has been the way for you, I want to assure you that you really do deserve to have all your dreams fulfilled and to live positively, healthfully, prosperously and have the best of everything.

I wrote in my book, Positively Alive!:  You can have your heart’s desires.  In fact, God wants you to have them and He does not want you to wait a long time even though some things seem to take longer than others to manifest.  Some desires apparently require more time, thought, work, and substance to be fulfilled.  But nevertheless they can be fulfilled and God does want you to have them if they are right for you.

Believe this is possible for you.  Accept that you are created to live abundantly now.  I will pursue this in future blogs and give you ideas and practical help in living the life you came to Mother Earth to live, and to do it now!

Copyright, 2012, John W. Adams.  All rights reserved.


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